Friends of Fabian Close

CommentsI am in support of your efforts in passing this law.

CommentsI will sign this with pleasure, I feel soooo bad about your dog. Come on everyone lets get this much needed law passed!!!! I'll be sure to pass this along.

CommentsIt's an honor to have known Fabian both me and my children. They just loved him. He has been greatly missed and we will help in any way we can. Your friends The Delgados.

CommentsConsider me a friend that will help. Mitch Little - mitch.little@att.ent

CommentsI'm so sorry for the loss of Fabian. I do animal rescue work and have had dogs that do not like other dogs live with me and I know it doesn't really take that much to be responsible.

CommentsAS mother to a precious dog, I will help in getting this law passed. - let me know how I can Help. Julie McLea

CommentsJack Alves I,m in full support of this proposed law. It's time to make negligent pet owners accountable.

CommentsI am so sorry for your loss. I have a part Poodle, part Bichon Frise. I love my dog like he is my child. I used to own two Poodles, one a minature, the other a toy.

CommentsI have a 15 pound cockpoo. I have just as much love for my dog as I do for my grand children. Our policy is that she never go's outside un supervised. If she does leave the yard I carry a tennis racket as a defensive weapon against other dogs. I 100% supp

CommentsAs the owner of a small dog, a Shi-Tzu, you have my sincere sympathy over your tragic loss. If there is any petition being distributed, (there should be) I would be glad to sign it, and will contact my reps a.s.a.p Paul Savage

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